Shark Tale Frankie

Frankie was the secondary antagonist in Shark Tale. He was one of Don Lino's sons and Lenny's older brother.



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In Shark TaleEdit

Shark Tale Frankie Dead

Frankie being dropped off at the burial site

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Vicious, bloodthirsty, an aggressive killer shark, and a true great white, Frankie was the complete opposite of Lenny in personality: Unlike his brother, Frankie would not hesitate to eat any fish if he was hungry and he often got exasperated by Lenny being reluctant to kill anything.
Shark Tale Frankie Hits Lenny

Frankie punching Lenny's shoulder

He did care for his brother, but would sometimes smack him. Frankie is also mean and cruel to Lenny sometimes; at one point in the film, when Frankie jokes to Lino that Lenny being born was an accident, Lenny responds by laughing sarcastically and telling Frankie that he's a "comic genius".

Frankie also likes to box with his father.

He got on well with many of his relatives, including his parents as they were both devastated by his death.


  • Frankie is constantly thought to be the main and tertiary antagonist of the film. This is not true as he did not appear much before his death, even though his death sets the story into motion.
  • At one point in the film, Frankie is seen eating some oyster shells in the restaurant, but in real life, sharks eat meat.
  • Frankie and Lola were the villains who didn't reform in the movie.