Katie Current is a character in Shark Tale.

She is voiced by Katie Couric.

Katie is also the local reef's TV news reporter.

In Shark Tale Edit

Katie Current is known to be the third character and the first female character to appear inside the film. She has a sarcastic habit of being pushy to the wrong creatures, like jellyfish, for example.

[The Jaws song is getting quicker, as suddenly, the local TV is turned on to reveal a small mackerel fish.]

Katie Current: Are they gone? Are they gone? You're sure? Good morning, Southside reef! This is Katie Current, keeping it current! We just recieved official news: The sharks are gone. I repeat, the sharks are gone!!

[Ziggy Marley's Three Little Birds starts to play, and all fish come out.]

Appearance Edit

Katie appears to be a small tan-colored fish that is similar to mackerel.