Luca is one of the main characters of Shark Tale, and one of the members(most-trusted) inside Don Lino's gang.

Biography Edit

In Shark Tale

Luca first appeared when Lino and the puffer fish Mr. Sykes were having a conversation inside the sharks' Headquarters––––the RMS Titanic. Lino told Sykes to work for his sons afterwards, when he is finished running the Northside reef. Sykes said that it's possible with Frankie; but Lenny, he's not so sure. Speechless, Lino sighed, Luca, and asked Luca to play the music record; only the music didn't go to what Lino expected it to go.

[Lino and Mr.Sykes finally ended their What What What argument.]

Mr.Sykes(in a surprised way): Lenny?! You've got to be kidding, Lino, that kid ain't a killer.

Lino(firmly): I'm dead serious.

[The talk between Lino and Sykes pause for a short sec, as they heard the music record slip a little.]

Lino: LUCA!!

[Luca sets the record tape right, but accidentally sets it to Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Lino and Sykes stares at him, and Luca quickly turns the record off.]

Luca(after laughing nervously): Hay, Boss, Big butts!

[Lino and Sykes exchange an eye-roll, and both ignore him.]