Lucky Day is a famous seahorse at the Reef City Seahorse Race Track that Oscar bet 5,000 Clams, which he got from Sykes, for to win the final race. Such a million dollar bet was noticed nearby by Lola, who flagrantly seduced an exited Oscar and, upon finding out that he was a whale washer when Sykes showed up, exposed the bet to everyone and left. Sykes was furious that Oscar bet the money but nonetheless agreed to see how the race turns out. When the race started, Lucky Day had trouble getting out of the starting gate (which he does all the time, according to Oscar) until he was able to ram through it and raced to catch up with the other horses. By the time he did, he zig-zagged past them and took the lead from Fish Fingers, leaving the horses miles behind him and Oscar cheering with Sykes since their bet was gonna win. Unfortunately, right before Lucky Day could cross the finish line, he kicked himself in the face and tripped and fell a few inches from the line, thus letting Fish Fingers zip past him and win the race. Oscar was heartbroken, and Sykes was furious.