List of LevelsEdit

  1. A Rude Awakening
  2. a: Getting up on the wrong side of the seabed/b: Tag! You're it.
  3. We interrupt this broadcast...
  4. The Fish and the Furious
  5. Hide and Sneak
  6. Whale of a Time
  7. Between a Fluke and a Hard Place
  8. A Fine Kettle of Fish
  9. A Problem of Titanic Proportions
  10. Slippery as an eel
  11. Losing Time of the Track
  12. Sleepin' Wit Da Fishes...
  13. Shark Bait
  14. The Heist
  15. Living the Vida Loca
  16. Wanted: A Few Good Fish
  17. Hammer and Tongs
  18. Ixnay on the Arkshay
  19. A Picture is worth a Thousand Words
  20. Busting Moves With Ernie and Bernie
  21. Get ready to rumble
  22. A Shark By Any Other Name Would Smell As Fishy
  23. The Reel Thing
  24. A Case of Forsaken Identity
  25. Building the better shark trap

Fail CutscenesEdit

  1. In A Rude Awakening, Oscar feels dizzy with the starfish, then laying down, with starfish falling with daytime.
  2. In Getting up on the wrong side of the seabed, Mrs. Sanchez looks angry, then closing the window.
  3. In We interupt this broadcast, Katie Current looks at the camera with U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer playing, then going off.
  4. In The Fish and the Furious, they put up "You're Fired!!" paper.
  5. In Losing Time of the Track, Oscar looks at "Sorry, we're closed" sign with the fanfare playing with applause, then sighing.
  6. In Sleepin' Wit Da Fishes, Oscar feels dizzy with starfish again at daytime, then laying down with starfish falling again.
  7. In Living the Vida Loca, Oscar sits down with colored spotlights.
  8. In Wanted: A Few Good Fish, Oscar feels dizzy again with starfish at night in reverse, then laying down with starfish falling.
  9. In Hammer and Tongs, the shark begins to eat at Oscar.
  10. In Ixnay on the Arksay they put up the paper of "Sharkslayer a Fraud!"
  11. In The Reel Thing, Oscar stops dancing, looking around, and is then pulled off the screen by a cane.
  12. In A Case of Forsaken Identity, Don Lino begins to eat Oscar while dodging.
  13. In Building the better shark trap, Don Lino begins to eat Oscar while chasing, then yelling.