Is a Minor Character in Shark Tale and the second Shark Tale and is also the first character to be issued in the movie itself and never had changed language in the international versions of Shark Tale and was first seen by Lenny to make it possible to redesign worm but here are the role play of worm in the two movies

roleplay of worm Edit

ha hey aaaaaah oooh girl aaaaah, crashes in the ocean ha ha ha ha huh, jaws theme plays, hadrowlingdump, plays again,ha haaaaah, jaws chorus plays, purulllllaralaohnoaaah, shark opens mouth, faints, Lenny inroduced himself, haRawls, Lenny said did I scare you and apologised and wakes the worm up, ha, Lenny said he's going to get him out in a Chiffy and said keep holding your breath little wormy, soon Frankie appears and talks instead of shouting because he was right behind Lenny and said Yo Lenny, which made Lenny say he was coming, and Frankie said move it cm on pops waiting, (Dads waiting) Lenny said here we go and gotchya okay buddy your free now escape go just cry freedom. Worm winks at the end of the first film

second film

appears with Lenny and introduces worm to Oscar,Sykes,While and Angie and Lenny says Meet my friend who I met along long time ago when Frankie was alive still and this dude couldn't breathe but now I fix him up so he can breathe and worm was not in the rest of the film